Hi 👋 I'm Owen. I work as a software engineer in New York. I enjoy this field as it's the most practical way for me to influence the future. If you'd also like to take over the world, then say hi :)

I can build software from the groud up at small start-ups (Bevrly 🍷, Tanuki.ai, Wx.io) and I can add value to large-scale systems like the recommendations at Amazon.com. Some of my contributions to the world involve public code − these are included at /Work. Non-code contributions are included in /Blog; my LinkedIn articles; kokociel.com; and Applico's blog.

If you'd like me to work with you; if you'd like to work for me; if you'd like professional advice; or if you'd like gambling advice, then those are also good reasons to reach out.

On peut envoyer un message en français si c'est plus facile.